Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pallet Wood Screen Cover Part DUEX

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I hope you all realize that I am not a professional and that I am going about this probably in the wrongest of wrong ways, but I do my best to get the job done.  Anyway here's the second part of my adventure in creating.

In order to get my wood to the rich darkness I wanted for my case, I had to stain the wood.

Rust-Oleum "Dark Walnut"

Hmmmm....not exactly what I thought it would look like.....
 ....but this is a process.  I ended up putting on a second coat on the reddish door and staining the one I missed (ran our and hubbs went and got me another  BIGGER can).  Once I got them both stained the color I wanted was there, dried with a very SHINY lacquer-like sheen.  Not what I wanted!!! So I decided to go with a more rustic look and sand the sheen away..

At this point I have made the "box" and just wanted to see how it will look in the end once I have everything up.  So excited.

This is what it looks like with the sanding and the hardware placed on it .  I love how it came out all old and rustic.

Now that the cabinet is done, the husband has softened and we are getting a big(ger) screen than the 22" that we have, which I think will find a new home in our bedroom...and maybe a baby cabinet all it's own.

Once I had all of this done.  I had to polyurethane it.  Which gave it a rich darkness.  And I got the help of the eldest and the hubbs to get it on the wall.  It took some trial and error, but it is up!! And wouldn't you know....the husband gave in and bought a flat screen to go into it.  YAY!!! 

I love it.....Funny thing, is now that we have the bigger screen no one is watching it. :-S

To see how all this started click here.

Leave me a comment to tell me what you think....good or bad. Thanks.

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