Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ode to "That Tempting Bench"

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This week my husband decided to have his truck painted.  It really needed it.  So, with the truck at the shop we are down to one vehicle.  We decided that I would just take him to work after the kids went off to school. 

In my wisdom I thought, "Since, I'm already down here, why not go for a run at Liberty Park."  It is a beautiful park.  It has wonderful running paths, a gazebo, lots of little play areas for kids, and the pond with boats and ducks.  BEAUTIFUL!!  The weather was perfect the last two days and I have enjoyed my time there, but then....

I ran up on to this lovely scene.  I had to capture it and at the moment I stopped moving, the thought on the picture came to me.  Funny huh?  Oh the things that one can fall in love with....when you are exercising.

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