Friday, July 7, 2017

Dresser Rebirth

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It seems that we have been remodeling FOREVER and still more to do!!! Well, my baby boy is growing up and we have been remodeling his room. I will show y'all that when it complete...just a few other things we got to do.

Anyway, like I was saying, my baby is growing up. As we have embarked on changing things up he told us that he wanted a more grown up look in his room. So, on July 4th we just so happen to look online and saw that a family was moving to LA and did not have the space to take this beauty with them. They sold it to us for only $15!!!! It is a solid piece!!! No MDF on this baby!!!

We knew one thing for sure....the color had to go as well as those dated handles. After 2 days of sanding, whitewashing, painting and some new hardware, a new dresser was born.

Looks pretty good in his "new" room.
(Valspar Black Spray Paint Flat, Custom Gray painted- thinned with water to white wash, Minwax Espresso Stain + Polyurethane, Hardwar from Lowes)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Be Our Guest...

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Two years ago we had some guests from Sweden that needed a place to stay while they were visiting. It was a short notice kind of thing and all we had to offer to them was a blow up mattress!! Horrible I know. Anyway, that visit has bothered me and my husband so much that we devised a plan to remodel, in hopes, that if they should ever come to visit us again, we can redeem ourselves.

So in the last two years this is what we started with to what we have now.

This was the office. I have no idea why I painted this room so dark. And just be glad you can't see the wallpaper I had up. Horrific!!

My helper was so ready for the change. 

Dont'cha just love paint.
The most expensive thing in the room cost....wait for it....$38!!! I either made my furniture pieces or got them at a ridiculous discount. Some items were given, but most were made. I am pretty happy about that. 

This wall is my pride and joy. I made everything on it accept for the mirrors.

Most  important message there is....
Now our guests have a decent place to lay their heads and keep their things. It has been a labor of love. Can hardly wait to share with you the transformation of the room our guests slept in. It is completely unrecognizable.

Thank you D & D for coming and opening our eyes to being better hosts.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Be Scrappin' Y'all

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As y'all know, I have been doing some remodeling of our basement. Well, I finished the pallet wall and bench!! It looks GORGEOUS!! Pictures of the completed room when we get the carpet in...Anyway. I had a lot of scrap pieces of wood hanging around and I just felt terrible thinking about just burning it in the fire.  What was I going to do!?!?!

Well, several months ago I got me some burlap and wrote on it and thought I would make a pillow of it and just throw it on my new bed, but that just didn't seem right. So it just hung out in my pile of "stuff". Well, TODAY, I go a itching for creative crafting and this is what came of it. It was a simple project. Steps below. Enjoy.

STEP 1:  I do not have pictures of me writing out the words, but I print out the words and taped them together in the size I wanted. I taped that to our HUGE center bay window and put the burlap on tap. This allowed the light to come through so I could trace it, with a Sharpie on to the burlap. Then I just filled in the word "beautiful" to make it stand out.
Burlap all rolled out and being dry-fit 
Taping down the edges of the burlap will help keep it from bubbling.
STEP 2: Don't mind the our basement floor.  I had some scrap 1/4 inch plywood and I rolled the burlap across it and taped it down. With the extra pieces of scrap pallet wood I dry-fit the boards around the words.

Jigs are AWESOME!!
STEP 3: Once you have the placements of your dry-fit frame, get everything cut down to size.

Power shot Brad nailer
STEP 4:  Now, I do not claim to be the brightest bulb in the box, but I just figured out that my power shot was a brad nailer too!!! That tad bit of information would have come in quit handy when I was putting on my shiplap, but I digress. Turn over your burlap sign and attach it to your pallet wood.


I think I am going to love it. I am planning on putting it right over our guestroom bed.

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