Saturday, March 4, 2017

Be Our Guest...

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Two years ago we had some guests from Sweden that needed a place to stay while they were visiting. It was a short notice kind of thing and all we had to offer to them was a blow up mattress!! Horrible I know. Anyway, that visit has bothered me and my husband so much that we devised a plan to remodel, in hopes, that if they should ever come to visit us again, we can redeem ourselves.

So in the last two years this is what we started with to what we have now.

This was the office. I have no idea why I painted this room so dark. And just be glad you can't see the wallpaper I had up. Horrific!!

My helper was so ready for the change. 

Dont'cha just love paint.
The most expensive thing in the room cost....wait for it....$38!!! I either made my furniture pieces or got them at a ridiculous discount. Some items were given, but most were made. I am pretty happy about that. 

This wall is my pride and joy. I made everything on it accept for the mirrors.

Most  important message there is....
Now our guests have a decent place to lay their heads and keep their things. It has been a labor of love. Can hardly wait to share with you the transformation of the room our guests slept in. It is completely unrecognizable.

Thank you D & D for coming and opening our eyes to being better hosts.

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