Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mason Jar Mixed Berry Lemonade

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One of best things about a summer day is lemonade.  Hands down!!
I for one really liking mason jars lately, for some reason.  I love to make and drink from a good ole fashioned mason jar, even if it is just ice water.
Well, just this past week my husband and I have decided that because dates are a little harder to come by with the kids' schedules, we'd try lunch dates.  I will come to his office and take him "out" to lunch.  I decided that this week I would do a surprise picnic. 
I was as gitty as if I was meeting him for the 1st time...I have no idea why.  Nevertheless, he was surprise and we had a great time.

The one thing he really loved was the lemonade.

So here's the recipe I came up with on the fly.  I hope you like.

Mason Jar Mixed Berry Lemonade

1- Pint sized mason jar w/ lid
4-TBS Sugar
1/2- FRESH squeezed Lemon Juice
1/3-Cup of frozen mixed berries
H2O (water)

Put all of the ingredients in the jar like I've listed above and put on the lid and shack it like crazy.  You want to make sure you've dissolved all of the sugar during your shack session.

NOTE: You can add as little or as much sugar as you want.  I like it a little tangy so my sugar to lemon ratio my not be to your liking.  But the best part of this is you can make it to you own liking. 

There you have it.  Now go out, sit on the porch swing, watch the sunset and sip on your lemonade.

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