Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Craft Funny

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When it comes to school valentines, I looked at it as another day to have to buy something else.  But then I remembered how fun it was to give out a card with some candy to my friends.  My kids should have that.

Usually the night before Valentine's Day,  I would normally go to the store and search the aisles for a package of card some leftover candy and hurry home and sit my kid down and start writing names. 

Not this year.  I saw something like these on Pinterest and thought....awww how cute.  This year I was going to be a better mom and do something different.

When I let my son in on what was going to be his card this year he was.....not to thrilled, but let me snap the shot anyway.  Thanks "A." 

Here's the how:

1.  Snap a shot of your child with their fist held up in front of them and a little away (towards the side).

2.  Use photoshop or any photo altering software to write what you would like on the it.

2.  Once you have them printed, using an exacto knife slice around the top of their knuckles, making a slice large enough to get the lollipop stick through and do the same on the bottom of their fist.

3.  Stick the lollipop through and there you have it!!  A fun and unique valentine.

Note: As you can see, my kid is a ham and a half....

Another idea would be to take a photo of your child holding a large blank heart, cut from posterboard.  Have the prints make and they can write something on the picture in the open space....

...just an idea.

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