Friday, February 22, 2013

"A" Picture Perfect Craft

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Trying to redecorate our master bedroom is a monumental task, but I for one am up for the challenge.

First things first, are the walls. Our walls are grey (or gray, I really don't know the difference in the wording, but I do like the spelling of the first one better, therefore, that's what I'm using) and white. Which I love, but finding pictures and other items to complement them has been a challenge.

One of the items I have always wanted to do was decorate with the letter of our last name "A".

Here is a step by step....I might have missed one.  Sorry if I did, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

I would usually use a higher number than 14...maybe a 16 or even an 18 or 22.  But this is what they had.  I like it in the oatmeal or even darker color  (would be cool on black with white?....hmmmm).

 Cut out the letters and numbers with an exacto knife.
 Using a craft roller or even a pizza dough roller (that's what I could find) and really get the paper stuck to the fabric.
 Acrylic Paint
 Dab. Dab. Dab. Dab......
Still dabbing until all of the opens are covered well.  Be careful not the go over the edges.

Such an easy and fun project.  I'd suggest to do this with you kiddos and have them make one for over their bed with their first name initial and their est. date as their birth year.

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