Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ottoman Outta an Ole' Tire

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Summer is here and the projects are coming full bore!!!!  And here is the first one of summer.  With the little guy home with me, I had to come up with ones that he could help me with and that he would be excited about.  I also am making sure that his little hands can get in on the action too.
No matter the age, all "men" love their power tools.
And now that Big A has a J.O.B. little A needed something to occupy all those lonely hours with mom.

So our first project was making this ottoman from a tire that I persuaded Big O Tires to let me have.  I saw this idea on pinterest and since I was planning on creating a secret garden patio and I thought this would be a great addition...that was if I could manage to do this right.

The picture were all so easy to understand, the only thing is that they lead to thinking that all you need is a few hot glue sticks and some rope.  Nope!!!  I think about 40 glue sticks and it took about 5-6 spools of rope.  I guess it all depends on the size of your tire.  But nevertheless, it was well worth it. 

I did all I could with this little thing, but ended up buying a
bigger one with a lot more glue.  I started with 30 stick and
bought an additional 40 more.

Had to flip it over once it got wired gluing upside down.
It made it a whole lot easier and quicker.

Since this is just going to be sitting on top of gravel I opted
out of putting on legs. But you can, just add them to the circle
before you attach it to the bottom of the tire.

To make this weatherproof, I still have to cover it in polyurethane and for an added special touch our family monogram....just looking for the perfect font.

There she is!!! Now I just have to make three more just like her. 

I hope you are inspired to add a little joy to your world. Thanks for stoppin' by.

UPDATE:  Here is the ottoman with our monogram!!!  Don't cha' just love it!!!


  1. How Did You Make The Monogram?

  2. I printed my "A" on to a full page label sheet. Used an exacto knife to cut out and stuck the sheet to the top of my ottoman. I used acrylic paint and sponge dabbed it. The Dabbing helps control running. Carefully lifted the sheet and allowed to dry before polyurethane.


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