Friday, January 4, 2013

52-Weeks to Savings & Security

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In my newsfeed on my facebook page I saw a friend post something about saving over a 52-week period.  I was intrigued.

The week before that, I saw on pinterest a 52-week chart to having food storage. 

Now 52 weeks doesn't seem like a lot, but then you realize that it is an ENTIRE year!!  As I looked at both charts I realized that this was something I could do. 

Being able to save is so important now a days that everywhere you can save should be priority.  So Here are some 52-week plans that I liked and thought you might too.

52-week money challenge

If you want to do this in the reverse here is the chart you want to follow:

52-week food storage building
The image below came from the classy clutter blog.

I believe both will save you money and give you a bit more freedom.


  1. The food storage looks cool but I am not sure what I would do with 100 lbs of flour... lol

  2. Lol! Yes, that is a lot of flour, but there are so many uses. I use it to thicken or make gravy. rolls, breads, pinatas, torillas, breading for onion rings and my favorite PASTA!!!!...etc. I say get creative. :-) But you do have a point, especially if you are not use to making things from scratch.

  3. Does anyone have storage ideas for the flour, sugar, and other dry goods so it doesn't get bugs?

  4. LauraUmph, I use 5 gallon buckets for my flour, sugar, dry beans, wheat, etc. I haven't had any bug problems so far and I have been doing food storage for a while....I do rotate on a regular basis and make a lot of different things from scratch, using flour and the whatnot regularly....Hope that helps some.

  5. If there are only two people, empty nesters, buying everything in large quanity is not a good idea. But for large families that may not be close to a grocery store or if you live in an area that has really bad winters, it would pay to stock up if you have the room to store all this supplies. We are only 1 mile from a grocery store, pharmacy, dry cleaners, restaurants, bank, post office, public transportation(bus)3 1/2 miles to hospital and Drs.

  6. I like this money savings plan..this would be good for teenagers to learn to do or even adults..I had a friend that used to save all the $5 bills she got and she said you'd be surprized how quickly that amount adds up.

  7. I used the 52 week saving plan for 2014. I paired it with a gift card plan. I bought one gift card in the amount I could afford every payday (My local grocery has a gas program for gift cards purchased). I am using the cash and the gift cards to pay for Christmas gifts. What a wonderful feeling to have everything paid for before the season starts! I am going to do the savings in reverse in 2015 as the fall is always tight money-wise with back to school expenses. Thanks for the great tips!


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