Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Minute Collegiate T-Shirt

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As I am getting ready to drift off to blissful rest, I am violently shaken, by a completely distraught child.

"Mom tomorrow is wear your favorite college to school day!!!"  "I need some Ute stuff MOM!!!!!" 

All I can say is, "Honey it's 10:45 at night and I am already in bed, sorry."

He came back with, "But Mom, I have this red shirt, can't you do something with it, by the time I have to go to school."

I said, "I'll see, goodnight."
Couldn't sleep all night!!!!  So this is what I did at 4 o'clock this morning.

I think the pictures are self explanatory, but if you need a play by play here it goes:

STEP 1:  In word, print off your college's letter in the size and font you want.  (I actually used photoshop and CollegiateBlackFLF as the font)

STEP 2:  Trace onto freezer paper your design.  Make sure you trace on the paper side not the shiny side.

STEP 3:  With a dry iron (NO steam) set to the highest setting.  Press straight down with the iron.  DO NOT move iron around as if you are ironing.  That could possibly catch the edges of your freezer paper and it will be ruined.

STEP 4:  Once the freezer paper is completely attached, slide either a piece of cardboard or something inside the shirt as a barrier between the front and back of the shirt ( I used a manila folder).  This will help so there is no paint seeping to the other side of the shirt. 

Now you can start using your fabric paint.  There are a variety of paints you can use everything from slick, like I have used here, to glitter and puff.  And you can apply them in whatever method you choose.

Here I squiggled some paint on and dotted it all around my design, making sure I really got the edges.  I then went back and just did squiggle lines.

STEP 5:  Once you have painted your design the way you want it to look...It's time to remove the template.  Hold down the T-shirt as you carefully pull the template off.  Pull up towards you, away from the shirt.  This will help you not get any of the paint that is still wet on the template onto other areas of the shirt as you are removing the template.

STEP 6:  Let the shirt dry for at least 4 hours.  And do not wash for at least 72 hours.  (Because I was in a hurry, I actually used a space heater with a built in fan to dry this shirt quicker).

There you have it!! 

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.  Thanks for droppin' by.

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  1. Thanks for the GREAT IDEA. I'm going to do this for my Boys for our local team. GO GRIZ!!!


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